All Views Lite


All Views lite displaying a complete list of all views on Zendesk topbar


Zendesk only shows first 12 shared views and 8 private views. To see the complete list of views, agents are required to click on “More” and are taken away from the views page. This slows down agents as they need to switch between views.

This apps enables agents to see all public and private views – all accessible from the topbar.


  • Views are organized by Public Views and Private Views
  • Since the button is located on the topbar, agents can access the app from any pages in Zendesk
  • Newly added views will be visible within an hour.
  • Refresh button is available to show the latest list of views

Disclaimer: This app currently ignores the views group visibility settings. Views that are made visible to certain groups will appear in the view list.


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How to install

Install the app. Once installed, this app can be accessed on the side navigation bar.
For technical support, please contact us at

All Views Lite
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