Zendesk Support Healthcheck & Optimisation Package

Optimise Your Customer Experience

When it come to customer experience, you want to give the customer the best way to provide their need or support including solving problem that they get from your business. Zendesk will help you to give the customer the best customer expeirence. We ensure your instance of Zendesk is optimised to deliver strategic impact to your business through iterative design sessions and user testing. Reember to always work smarter not harder.

Zendesk Healthcheck

Before deciding which Zendesk package that suits with your business, we provide to help you with Zendesk Healthcheck to your bussiness.

Analyse Your Business Need

First of all you need to know what is your business aims and goals and how you want to interacts with your customers.

Analyse Your Zendesk Usage

Find out how your business uses Zendesk including which business processes it covers, and what features and usability your business currently use.


Walkthrough Your Zendesk Setup

In-depth exploration on the Zendesk platform configuration, including problems, and challenges that you experience.


Suggestion For Your Business

Discuss our enhancement recommendations and agree next steps for Zendesk optimisation.

Zendesk Optimisation

After finishing Health check of your Zendesk now we step in to Zendesk Optimisation to your Zendesk Support. This step including examine your:

Ticket fields & form
Business rules
SLA’s & schedules
Social media channels
Implement the changes identified as per best practices

Zendesk Post-Optimation Support

On this step post-optimation support will includes a total of 4 hours of support time that could be taken as and when you need it, at any time within the 2 week period after the completion of the optimisation of your system.

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