Salesforce QuickStart

Are you new to Salesforce CRM, or a current client that is battling with how Salesforce is designed “out of the box?” A QuickStart Implementation Package is a 25 hour engagement that is appropriate for a small business searching for a quick to value solution for Sales team using the Professional Edition of Salesforce.

Key Benefits

  • Up and running in a couple short weeks
  • Guidance and expertise on how to best leverage Salesforce CRM to support your business processes, and avoid costly mistakes
  • End-client training, with hands-on cases
  • Reporting and analytics that provide visibility to your key business metrics
  • Intended for Professional Edition organizations

What’s included

Discovery  Session (4 Hours)

Using a structured agenda, our specialists will encourage a requirements gathering session to quickly learn how your business markets and offers. We’ll map out your current business process to workflows in Salesforce and also how your group interacts with clients and planned customers. Finally we’ll capture requirements around how you need to quantify your business so that Salesforce can track your prosperity however reports and dashboards. Configuration (10 Hours)

Once we’ve taken in your vision, our specialists will then configure Salesforce to meet your requirements. We’ll sweat the details to make sure that Salesforce is optimized to provide your users the best experience possible. If we can reduce frustration and make their job easier – you’ll have adoption and a great return on your CRM investment. That’s our goal.

A QuickStart usage incorporates design of the accompanying CRM parts:

  • Home Tab
  • Leads
  • Accounts & Contacts
  • Opportunities
  • Activities (Tasks, Events and Email)
  • Analytics (12 custom reports and 2 dashboards)

Setup Review Meeting (2 Hours)

At this milestone meeting we will exhibit the design for your review and feedback. At this stage we’ll have Salesforce 90% configured, however last changes can still be consolidated as required. We’ll show how your team will work in Salesforce

Creation of Reports and Dashboards (3 Hours)

As a business leader,  visibility to your company’s data is critical. You need to know the health of your sales pipeline, progress towards quotas and individual rep contributions in real time – not when it’s too late. Once the configuration has been completed, we’ll configure two dashboards comprised of 12 custom reports.

Creation of Training Materials (2 Hours)

Our team will tailor a custom training presentation in MS PowerPoint that reflects your business processes  utilizing screenshots from your configured instance. Presentations will be ~ 40 slides long and will be  will be archived inside your Salesforce org for you to keep as a reference and to use to train new employees.

Delivery of End User Training (4 Hours)

We’ll cover key ideas, how Salesforce manages information, and best practices on quickly finding, creating and updating records. We’ll show your end users how Salesforce can make them more productive and successful. Participants will have hands-on exercises to reinforce business processes and drive adoption.