Theme Installation Guide

How to Install Zendesk Guide Theme

If you’re purchasing a Zendesk Guide theme via Zendesk Marketplace, the theme should be added to your theme library automatically. This guide is applicable if you have purchased a theme directly from us or have received a customized theme file as part of project deliverables from our Professional Services team. 

Once you completed the purchase, you will receive a link to download the theme file. This file comes as a zip archive file containing the templates, JavaScript, CSS, and assets/image files.

  1. With your Zendesk Admin access, navigate to the theme workbench. The address should be
  2. Click the Add theme button located in the upper right corner of the theme workbench
  3. Choose Import theme
  4. Find and select the theme zip file
  5. Done. The theme is imported and should appear in your theme workbench.
Please note, you may run into issue if the theme file is bigger than 5MB.
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